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Reclaim Your Life Dual Funnel System

What is the Dual Funnel System?

The first ever platform built to automate your business, online, from lead acquisition through fulfillment. Save yourself and your team hours of work by automating day to day operations. The DFS powers your complete system with dynamic emails, two-way texting & email, sales pipeline management, customer reviews, automated scheduling, sales funnels website builder, SEO tools, and so much more.

A Complete All-In-One Solution

It's not just a CRM, it's BEYOND that!

Contacts and Smart Lists allow you to launch retention marketing with ease to your existing list with text, email, voice drops, etc. It also allows detailed search filters, custom tag options, call/meeting notes, data tracking, and more!

Close more deals using multiple communication channels!

Text, email, FB/GBP Messengers, etc. are integrated directly into the CRM for a centralized communication platform.

Seamless Calendar Management

Integrate and sync with Google and Outlook. An amazing automated booking systems with AI bots. Built in email/ text appointment reminders.

Payment systems with multiple processors? We can do that!

Create and send invoices, proposals, and estimates within the system and have the ability to track orders, subscriptions, and transactions in real time.

Available Packages


Perfect for any solopreneur or any

growing business to Do It Yourself

$97 /month

  • Unlimited Account

  • Video Training & Guides

  • Group, Email, & Chat Support

  • Weekly Live Group Q&A


Perfect for the entrepreneur who wants an automated & functional marketing engine with an expert leading the way.

$347 /month

  • Everything In DIY plan

  • Dual Funnel Template

  • Integrations Setup With You

  • Funnels Built With You

  • Automations Built With You

  • Account Setup With You

  • Live Group Q&A Twice A Week


Perfect for the scaling business looking to expand operations and grow their revenue with a team.

$347 /month+setup

  • Everything In Inner Circle Plan But Done For You

  • Priority Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers To Commonly Questions

1. What is the Reclaim Your Life (RYL) Dual Funnel System (DFS), and how can it benefit my business?

RYL is a powerful marketing and automation platform designed to streamline and enhance your business processes. It helps you automate tasks, manage customer relationships, and optimize your marketing efforts. By using RYL, you can save time, improve efficiency, and ultimately grow your business more effectively.

2. What kind of businesses can benefit from the Reclaim Your Life Dual Funnel System?

RYL is versatile and can be a valuable asset to a wide range of businesses. It is especially beneficial for service-based industries like contractors, home service companies, real estate professionals, and more. Essentially, any business looking to automate processes and enhance customer engagement can find value in RYL.

3. Is it user-friendly, or do I need technical expertise to use it?

RYL is designed with user-friendliness in mind. You don't need to be a tech expert to benefit from it. The platform provides easy-to-use tools and resources, and you can rely on their support team for guidance. They offer extensive training materials and live support to help you make the most of the platform.

4. Can I integrate RYL with my existing systems and tools?

Yes, you can. RYL offers integration capabilities with many popular third-party tools and systems, making it easy to connect your existing tech stack. You can seamlessly integrate your CRM, email marketing, lead generation tools, and more for a cohesive and efficient workflow.

5. How can I get started with Reclaim Your Life, and what support is available?

To get started, you can sign up for an account using the button below. Support is available in our weekly calls. The DIY group call is every Wednesday. The DWY and DFY calls are Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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